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Are you a music nut like me, and have hundreds of songs on your iPhone? What is your method to sync iTunes music to your iPhone?

iTunes offers a several ways to sync music – you can sync songs by artist, by album, by song, by most played.

Sure, you could check each song in iTunes that you want to sync. But what if you don’t want that song anymore? Well, likely you have to go to iTunes, deselect that song and sync your iPhone again.

Well, I come from the old school of “k.i.s.s.” (keep it simple, stupid).

I use the feature which iTunes calls: Top Rated. In other words, songs which have a Five Star rating.

Open iTunes, click on the icon of your iPhone, select Music in the left window. In the Playlists window, select: My Top Rated.

When you sync your iPhone, any song with five stars will be in a play list: My Top Rated, in iTunes and on your iPhone.

To remove a song from My Top Rated is dead easy. In iTunes, go to My Top Rated, and change the star rating to less than five stars. Just like that, the song is removed from My Top Rated. The song remains in the iTunes library, just no longer a Top Rated song.

On an iPhone, removing the song as a five-star song, is also easy. Make sure the track is playing where you see the album art and title of the song. Tap on the screen just at the left edge of the song title and the five stars will show. Then just tap the stars to make the rating anything less than five stars. Just like that, the song is no longer a top rated song. The track will be removed from your iPhone the next time you sync with iTunes.

Everyone has their own method, but I find the way very easy, and works fine for me.

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