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300 free wallpapers for iPhone, Android

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300 free wallpapers that will breathe new life into your iPhone (or Android phone)


iClarified – Apple News – Study Finds That iPhone Owners Have More Sex Than Android, Blackberry Owners

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iClarified – Apple News – Study Finds That iPhone Owners Have More Sex Than Android, Blackberry Owners.

prolong iPhone battery

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to summarize what most iPhone users should be doing already to save battery life:
– turn off wifi and Bluetooth when/if you don’t need it. otherwise the iPhone is always in search mode.
– turn off push mail. set it to manual fetch. I monitor 6 email accounts, you better believe I do that. if you really, really need push email, then set fetch to maximum time.
– if you really need (push) alerts then be selective which apps you want alerts and how they alert: push notifications, sounds, badges, etc.
– if you’re in a city with good cell coverage, set to Edge mode (2G) if most of your phone usage is calling, you don’t need 3G.
– keep the data surfing short and sweet. if you’re going to spend time using the browser find yourself a cozy little coffee shop with wifi.
– turn EQ off.
– reduce screen brightness. my iPhone is set to 50% bright.
– set screen to dim in one minute. max 2 mins. make a habit of tapping the screen off (power) button.
– upgrade apps thru iTunes or wifi.
– download podcasts thru iTunes or wifi.
– every month or so I let the battery run completely dead, and give the iPhone a full charge. the batteries have a finite number of charge cycles.
* I have long set my iPhone to those settings above *
– you could also turn off vibrate in normal ring mode.
– sure, you could also turn off voice mail, text, calendar alerts, etc. but then at that point you just have a plain cell phone. kind of defeats the whole purpose of an iPhone now doesn’t it?
– some games/apps are battery killers, so be careful of those (ex. Battle for Vesta, Dr.Nano, Traffic Rush, acrossair augmented reality browser)
– I also read to keep your iPhone away from heat, so that would mean keeping it out of a warm pants pocket, and obviously out of the sun.

flat out funny

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Mr.Deity iTunes podcast.
if you have never heard of Mr.Deity on iTunes then I highly recommend subscribing to the podcast. in fact, download all the episodes. guaranteed you will laugh out loud. brilliant writing and seriously flat out funny! this is satire at it’s best!

Evernote + Twitter = Instant Memories « Evernote Blogcast

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Evernote + Twitter = Instant Memories « Evernote Blogcast.