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stop the insanity!

Posted in Twitter with tags , on 2010/03/11 by CoryTek

Exactly what do I mean? let me explain:

I finally jumped into the Twitter-sphere… and with both feet!

A few months back I finally made a Twitter account. I figured at some point it might come in handy. I thought it was cute, a novelty, sure… you know, when in Rome do what the Romans do.

I didn’t do much with it really. Every so often I’d open Twitterific on my iPhone, read some tweets. However, Twitter did come in handy keeping up with the men’s Olympic hockey! 🙂

Then last month I tied in my Skype account with my MySpace account. I thought, yeah sure, why not? So I began poking around with my MySpace profile, seeing what it could do. Well, it seems there is plenty. So I filled out everything. Next I synced my MySpace profile with my Twitter account. Then I discovered I could sync my MySpace profile with my Hotmail. Okay, what can I do next? Well, I synced MySpace with Tweetdeck and HootSuite. Did it end there? No.

I checked my Hotmail account and filled out my profile, and checked out what I could do with that. Well, it seems I could sync my MySpace updates with my Hotmail profile. Okay. Then I see I can sync my Hotmail with Twitter and WordPress. Okay, sure, why not.

So next it was time to design my WordPress blog, which I’d had for a while, but never did anything with it. Next, I link my WordPress blog with Twitter. Now my tweets show up on my WordPress feed. Of course, then I have to set the META info for Google and Hotmail search engines. Some very cool stuff for webmasters by the way.

I also use Evernote. Love it! Well, it turns out I can link my Twitter account with my Evernote account. I can send direct tweets to myself!

I come across TwitPic in my reading. It turns out I can post images to TwitPic because TwitPic is linked with my Twitter account. Now, when I tweet my Evernote account with an image, the image comes from TwitPic to Evernote.

Okay, so let’s see if I have this right:

  • MySpace is synced with Twitter
  • MySpace is linked with TweetDeck, Windows Live, HootSuite
  • Windows Live is linked with MySpace, Twitter, WordPress
  • WordPress is linked with Twitter
  • my tweets show up on MySpace, Hotmail, WordPress
  • I can tweet from either Twitter or MySpace
  • if I change my status on MySpace it updates my Twitter status
  • if I post something on WordPress it shows up in the Twitter-sphere
  • I can send tweets from my computer using TweetDeck
  • I can send tweets online using HootSuite, Twitter
  • I can send tweets from my iPhone using HootSuite, Twitterific, TweetDeck, At Once, IM+, or DM’s
  • I can receive tweets on my iPhone
  • I can tweet myself on Evernote
  • if I send images to Evernote they come from TwitPic
  • with At Once on the iPhone, I can post to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, text messages
  • with IM+ on the iPhone, I can send to Twitter, Hotmail, Facebook, Google Talk, MySpace
  • if I change my status on IM+ it updates my Twitter status
  • my tweets can show where I am geographically located

Did I leave anything out?

So, in other words, I can be anywhere at anytime, and be totally up to date!


Evernote + Twitter = Instant Memories « Evernote Blogcast

Posted in Evernote, iPhone, Twitter with tags , on 2010/03/11 by CoryTek

Evernote + Twitter = Instant Memories « Evernote Blogcast.