I’m pretty well a Google nut 🙂

I’ve had my Gmail account since it was Beta (2003/2004). Back then it was only 2 GB of storage.

Having Gmail is more than just email. It means a Google account, and that means access to a plethora of services.

Why have your services spread out all over the place, and having to remember many passwords?

I use many Google services from my iPhone. Access to the world in the palm of my hand. Google ain’t just email anymore 🙂

There are many extensions available in the Chrome Extension Gallery.

I find these extensions very handy:

  • AdBlock
  • Browser Button for AdBlock
  • Chrome SEO
  • Chromed Bird
  • Evernote Web Clipper
  • Google Alerter
  • Google Share Button
  • Google Wave Notifier
  • RSS Subscription Extension (by Google)
  • VerticalTabs
  • Word This
  • WOT

However, this switch is required to enable extensions for Google Chrome:


(two hyphens/dashes are at the beginning of that line)

open the shortcut (right-click) for Google Chrome, go to Properties, go to the Target box.

at the end of the line, after the double quotes, put a Space then type in the above extension.

if the double quotes are not there, then first you need to enclose the entire command line in double quotes. then put in the Space followed by the Enable Extensions.

I also use these switches:




Actually, for my browser, I personally use Chromium. This is the code which Google Chrome is based on.

To ensure that Chromium is always updated, I installed the application from here:


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