Apps on my iPhone
Have had my iPhone for a year now, and I just love it. All the apps I use are freebies, or at least a Lite version of a Paid app.
Some apps are tried and true, and have stayed on my iPhone since Day One. Other apps have come and gone.
Aside from the usual culprits: Calendar, Notes, Clock, Text Messages, here is a breakdown of the apps I use, listed by category:
eReader (Fictionwise, Inc)
– a very easy to use book reader. I have a couple of dozen books installed in eReader. books can be obtained from: (manybooks.net) to get books I suggest going to the website with a browser first, as this is much easier to hunt down books. all books, as far as I can tell, are royalty and license free. once you find a book, open Safari on the iPhone, and go to: (manybooks.net/m) download the book for eReader.
Toxic People (Six Voices)
iAdSense (Alexandre Gomes)
– use this to track AdSense on websites.
– follow all the activities with NASA.
SEJ News (PointAbout, Inc)
– this is the news app for Search Engine Journal. I run a website and a handful of blogs, so I like to keep up to speed on SEO.
Particle Zoo (Richard Burgess)
– only because I’m such a science geek, I like to keep up to date on quantum particles 🙂
Inventors (Alesig)
– next time you’re playing Trivial Pursuit and the subject is inventors, you will find this handy.
eCards (American Greetings)
– send a card via American Greeting Cards.
Remote (Apple Inc)
– app for controlling iTunes over wi-fi.
SketchBook MobileX (Autodesk Inc)
– easy to use, very handy, sketch app.
Spawn Lite (Elements of Design)
– a very interesting light show app. make one-of-a-kind designs, capture the image, use it as wallpaper.
IMDb Movies & TV (IMDb)
– my girlfriend and I are always looking up movies & actors.
What’s On TV? (NapkinStudio.com)
– the TV Guide for the iPhone.
NFB Films (National Film Board of Canada)
– film library from the National Film Board of Canada.
Glow Stick (Shaved Ham)
– a glow stick on the iPhone. it changes colours as it rotates. quite intriguing concept.
Attention Supermarket (Level 61)
– price comparison app between Product A and Product B. determines which one gives you the better value for your buck. get it when the app goes on sale.
my Shopping Assistant (NoOne)
– enter an item, and the various stores where you can buy it, and it will show you the cheapest price.
Cube Runner (Andy Qua)
– very easy to use. tilt the phone and maneuver your way through the maze.
Spartacus: Blood and Sand (Artificial Life, Inc)
– a great fighting game.
Traffic Rush (Donut Games)
– how long can you keep the traffic moving through the intersection.
Sol Free Solitaire (Smallware)
– solitaire card game, and variations.
health & fitness:
Pocket Paradise (Bluebird Software)
– the ultimate soundscape. customize your beach getaway. get it when it’s on sale.
iFitness (FreeApps)
– muscle-building workout.
Naturespace (Holographic Audio Theatre)
– help you relax, meditate, or sleep.
THI Personal Trainer Lite (Scouting Solutions)
– personal training app.
After Work Relax (Games Campus Cologne GmbH)
– exercises if you spend too much time at a desk.
Check In: The 5 Tools of EBT (The Institute for Health Solutions)
– emotional brain training app. a scientific solution to stress.
Workouts (Nakaindo)
– fitness app.
Yoga Trainer Lite (NexStudios.jp)
– help you with your yoga poses.
SixPack App Free (Pocket Cocktails Inc)
– helping you get that six-pack.
Binaural Beats (rockiphone.com)
– brain turning frequencies.
Free GymGoal Dumbbell Workouts (SmalTek)
– dumbbell workout app.
GymGoal ABC (SmalTek)
– workout schedule app.
Epicurious Recipes & Shopping List (CondeNet)
– a great recipe program. various categories.
SwedeShop – Unoffical IKEA Shopping App (Danilo Campos)
– helping you track all those items at IKEA.
Galactic Chill | AmbiScience – Relax Aid (Tesla Audio Sciences)
– ambient sounds, based on the research of the Nikola Tesla Institute.
AroundMe (Tweakersoft)
– different categories to search for.
FutureSound (FutureAcoustic)
– choose from different sound tracks. which are overlaid with the real sounds.
GrooveMaker Free (IK Multimedia)
– a cool app. make your own grooves.
Corus Radio (StreamTheWorld Inc)
– listen to any Corus radio Station.
V-Cockpit GPS Lite – Compass, Altimeter, Speedometer, HUD (Alexander Gross)
MotionX GPS Lite (MotionX)
QuakeZones – Current Earthquake Info (AppDudes)
– with all the earthquakes we’ve had recently, this is handy. current and 30+ years of earthquake info. now comes with Push Notifications.
CBC Radio (CBC)
Discovery News (Discovery News)
– keep up to date with Discovery News.
iNews O – RSS Reader (gdiplus)
– I have tried a few news readers, but I *really* like iNews! you can customize it in so many ways, and you can add many feeds.
MobileRSS Free – Google RSS Reader (NibiruTech LTD)
Regator – Web’s Best Blogs (Regator, LLC)
I am very much into photography 🙂
Photoshop.com Mobile (Adobe Systems Inc)
Sharefolder (Black Dog)
Guides (CodeGoo)
Crop for Free (Free the Apps!)
Camera Plus (Global Delight)
– I use this one instead of the default camera, because of the zoom feature.
Bokeh (Lars Opperman)
Camera Fun! (SpiceLoop)
SPPhotoFixL (Sponticelli.com)
PandoraBox (AppZap)
– I use this to track free apps and for the apps I have installed.
AppMiner (Bitrino, Inc)
– I use this to track free apps.
Evernote (Evernote)
– big Evernote user! 🙂
Fliq Notes (Mark/Space)
– this app can be linked to a computer (you have to buy the computer version of Fliq Notes) however, I have set the password feature and use it to store my passwords on my iPhone.
BargainBin With Push! (Proximi, Inc)
– I use this to track free apps.
White Noise Lite (TMSOFT)
YellowPages (Yellow Pages Group Co)
2D Sense (2D Sense, Inc)
– scan QR codes
HandyFact (Diamond Star Technologies, Inc)
– life impacting info & facts.
Dictionary.com (Dictionary.com)
Google Mobile App (Google)
– access to all the mobile Google apps. you can also tie in your domain.
iCheatSheets (John Ohl)
Web Developer Bible (Niranjan Kumar)
Dictionary Free (Owen Lin)
Wikipedia Mobile (Wikimedia Foundation)
social networking:
WordPress (Automattic)
– if you have a WordPress blog.
Facebook (Facebook)
HootSuite Lite (HootSuite Media Inc)
– I like HootSuite the best for Twitter. very good UI, easy to follow. all lists are made from your original Twitter account. the best feature, you can schedule tweets.
Twitterrific (The Iconfactory)
– one of my twitter apps. I especially like the Twitterrific bookmarklet feature.
LinkedIn (LinkedIn)
– access your LinkedIn account
MySpace Mobile (MySpace.com)
– access your MySpace account
At Once (Reditus Solutions LLC)
– update Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, or email a message. the cool thing about this app is that it superimposes the text area over the camera view, so you can type while walking! 🙂
Skype (Skype Software S.a.r.l)
– next time you’re in a café with wi-fi, use Skype to make free calls over wi-fi.
TweetDeck for iPhone (TweetDeck)
– one of my twitter apps.
Blogwriter Lite (VirtueSoft.com)
– for writing to your Blogger blog.
Google Earth (Google)
Translink (Handi Mobility)
– the local bus schedule for the Vancouver transit system.
Stonehenge (Kylin3D)
– a 3D virtual tour of Stonehenge. not only is this very *cool*, but this app really shows off the capabilities of the iPhone. directions for viewing: hold iPhone in landscape mode. the bottom left of the screen is: Pan L/R, Zoom In/Out. the bottom right of the screen: Spin L/R, View Up/Down.
CubeCheater (Eric Faller)
– happen to have one of those Rubik’s Cubes still kicking around? have you solved it yet?
iHandy Level Free (iHandySoft Inc)
– app with bubble level
All Power Pro – Plasma Battery (Level 61)
– a very elegant battery meter. not always free, sometimes it goes on sale.
ShopShop – Shopping List (Nikolaj Schumacher)
– this is my shopping list app. absolutely indispensable.
Speedtest.net Speed Test (Ookla)
– just like the online website.
Digital Sound Meter (Patrick Giudicelli)
– for measuring dB level.
About Battery (rockifone.com)
ScanLife (Scanbuy Inc)
– scans 2D barcodes.
Angle (Smudge Apps)
– level app.
SEOStats (Space Dog)
– good for webmasters who use SEO.
Convertbot (Tapbots)
– convert units and measurements.
Units (TheMacBox)
– convert units and measurements.
MiGhtyDocs (V1ru8)
– access your Google Docs. unfortunately only for viewing.
iNetQCheck (Visualware Inc)
– a connection speed checking app
Skeptical Science (Shine Technologies)
getting skeptical about global warming skepticism.
WeatherEye (The Weather Network)
the Weather Network from Canada.
this is what takes up most of the room on my iPhone 🙂
Buddhist Geeks (Seriously Buddhist, Seriously Geeky)
Mr.Deity (All Mightiness One Day at a Time)
Scientific American (A weekly exploration of the latest developments in science and technology)
Skepticality – Science and Revolutionary Ideas (The Official Podcast of Skeptic Magazine)
The Skeptic’s Guide to the Universe (Your Escape to Reality)
worth mentioning:
VIP Access (VeriSign)

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