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Revolutionary battery runs on gravity

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prolong iPhone battery

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to summarize what most iPhone users should be doing already to save battery life:
– turn off wifi and Bluetooth when/if you don’t need it. otherwise the iPhone is always in search mode.
– turn off push mail. set it to manual fetch. I monitor 6 email accounts, you better believe I do that. if you really, really need push email, then set fetch to maximum time.
– if you really need (push) alerts then be selective which apps you want alerts and how they alert: push notifications, sounds, badges, etc.
– if you’re in a city with good cell coverage, set to Edge mode (2G) if most of your phone usage is calling, you don’t need 3G.
– keep the data surfing short and sweet. if you’re going to spend time using the browser find yourself a cozy little coffee shop with wifi.
– turn EQ off.
– reduce screen brightness. my iPhone is set to 50% bright.
– set screen to dim in one minute. max 2 mins. make a habit of tapping the screen off (power) button.
– upgrade apps thru iTunes or wifi.
– download podcasts thru iTunes or wifi.
– every month or so I let the battery run completely dead, and give the iPhone a full charge. the batteries have a finite number of charge cycles.
* I have long set my iPhone to those settings above *
– you could also turn off vibrate in normal ring mode.
– sure, you could also turn off voice mail, text, calendar alerts, etc. but then at that point you just have a plain cell phone. kind of defeats the whole purpose of an iPhone now doesn’t it?
– some games/apps are battery killers, so be careful of those (ex. Battle for Vesta, Dr.Nano, Traffic Rush, acrossair augmented reality browser)
– I also read to keep your iPhone away from heat, so that would mean keeping it out of a warm pants pocket, and obviously out of the sun.